A choral love-song - John N MacNeill

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Love with eyes wide open

Love with eyes wide open was written for the wedding of one of the composer's sons, but was not ready in time for the choir to learn it.
Entirely in four-part harmony, it could be sung unaccompanied. The mood throughout is reflective, with no change of key signature, time signature or tempo. Nor are there any dynamics marked, but a choir will find what works for them, including perhaps observing pauses beyond those marked.
The words are prosaic and resemble an internal conversation on the topics of hope, trust and varieties of love, ending with the love that is "beyond emotion", the for-better-or-for-worse love that is an act of will.

Scorch sheet music: choir; piano; soprano; alto; tenor; bass.

Audio: choir & piano; piano; choir; soprano; alto; tenor; bass.

PDF sheet music: piano; choir; soprano; alto; tenor; bass.