Some information about using this website

For the links that let you hear the music, please bear in mind that the music is computer-generated, and not produced by real singers or real musicians playing real instruments. For reasonable sound quality, something other than your computer's speakers will usually be needed: headphones or extension speakers or a sound system, perhaps via an audio interface.

Each Scorch sheet-music link on this website shows the words (if any) and also shows and plays the music; as the music plays, a vertical line moves across the sheet music to show where the playing has reached. So this may help when learning the music. There is a slider to control the tempo of the playback. There is also a transpose button (the icon looks like a key signature) that brings up a dialog box that lets you control the key in which the music is displayed and heard. The Scorch plug-in is needed, but if you try to use a Scorch sheet-music link without having the plug-in, it will give you a link at the bottom of the page for downloading the plug-in; you may have to restart your browser before the plug-in takes effect. At present there is no easy way to save or print the sheet music from Scorch on this website, though that may change. Some browsers no longer allow the Scorch plugin to be used. Updates to these browsers have excluded the use of NPAPi plugins (such as the Scorch one) for security reasons, and generally before the plugin providers have managed to create replacement plugins.

Each audio link on this website will generally play the music through your computer's media player, or through the media player set up in your browser for the particular type of audio file. If your browser will not play an MP3 file, you may find that another browser will play it (there are intellectual property issues with MP3 decoding), or make a different media player your computer's default program for playing MP3 files, or you should be able to download the MP3 file and then play it. An audio link may be the best way to get a quick impression of the music. Again these links may help when learning the music; the audio links, though, do not show the sheet music or the words of songs, but you could of course open another window for the sheet music or the words. You can download your own copy of an audio file to a folder of your choice; if your computer uses Windows, you right-click on the audio link and choose the Save Link As option; if your computer is a Mac, one way to do it starts by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the audio link. Also you may find that using an audio link causes a copy of the audio file to be downloaded to your Downloads folder.

To get your own copy of the words, having followed a words link, you can select and copy the words you want, and then paste them into, say, a word-processor document - the selecting, copying and pasting is done in the usual way for your computer. You can select the words for all the hymns at the same time since they are all on the same webpage.

To get your own copy of the music, having followed a PDF sheet music link, save a copy of the PDF file (also known as an Adobe Acrobat file) on your own computer. Or you can save the file by the method described above for audio files. For the jazz-orchestra pieces, however, there are no sheet-music links, but copies of the score & parts may be requested as indicated on the page that has those pieces.

To return from a words, sheet music or audio link, click on your browser's back button (which may be a left-pointing arrow in the top-left of the browser window). For some email set-ups, too, you may need that back button to return.

Some pages have a Home link that takes you to the home page of this website.

This website does not collect information about you or your computer. This website does not store anything on your computer. The only files that are transferred from the website to your computer are those needed for the web pages that you view and the downloads that you request.