Somewhat Celtic song-tunes - John N MacNeill

Browsing books of Gaelic poetry triggered the writing of these song-tunes.
For most of these tunes, optional harmony lines increase the musical possibilities.
And for those tunes, the music is presented in simple format: melody line; harmony line; chord symbols or chords.

Where I was yestreen - two song-tunes by John MacNeill
with three options for the words:
Neil MacLeod's Gaelic lyric FAR AN ROBH MI 'N RAOIR;
MacLeod's lyric as translated and versified by Mary Mackellar;
MacNeill's adaptation of Mackellar's verses

(The) day will rise - a song-tune by John MacNeill
with words that are George Campbell Hay's Song, slightly augmented;
Hay's original Gaelic poem ran;
Hay's tune for ran

Am Faillean r / The Fresh Sapling - a song-tune by John MacNeill
for either of George Campbell Hay's poems below;
Hay's Gaelic poem Am Faillean r ;
Hay's English poem The Fresh Sapling;
Hay's tune for either poem

Then Farewell, Tarbert - a song-tune by John MacNeill for
George Campbell Hay's poem Then Farewell, Tarbert;
Hay's tune for his poem

Bisearta - a setting by John MacNeill of
George Campbell Hay's Gaelic war poem Bisearta
from World War Two

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