A book for children

Imagine that your school sends you on your own to another planet to do a project about that planet!

Well, that is exactly what happens to someone from somewhere else, who is sent to Earth to do a school project. The polite young alien adopts the appearance of an Earth child. It was the best thing to do.

Book publishers had the idea to put some of the alien's story and school project into a book. This is the book, and the polite opinion of the alien is that most of it is very dull. You may find that the alien does not completely understand planet Earth.

One thing the alien had to do when on Earth was to eat the food, which partly explains the book's cover. Publishers insist on categorising their books, and this one is Juvenile Science Fiction ages 9 - 12 years, but there is not much science fiction beyond what the scenario requires, and readers outside the stated age-range enjoyed parts of the book when it was being written.

It is never revealed whether the alien decides to look like a girl or a boy.

Paperback version
You are unlikely to find The B’bbeb on the shelves of a bookshop, but they will be able to order it for you; it may help to quote the ISBN, which is 978-0-9575397-1-6. Some bookshops have the technology (an "Espresso Book Machine") to print & bind a copy of The B'bbeb for you while you wait.
Or you can buy it through all the main online booksellers, it seems. In the bookseller's website, search for the ISBN or just for bbeb. One online bookseller that some buyers of The B'bbeb have been happy with is wordery.com.
The printing companies for The B'bbeb are in the UK, the USA, Europe, Australia and many other places. So if buying online, be careful not to buy from a seller in a part of the globe remote from the delivery address, or the shipping charges & delivery time may disappoint you.

Electronic version
The B'bbeb
is available for a small price as an e-book in all major e-book formats, and from the main e-book retailers including the Kindle Store on the amazon website (search for bbeb). Most retailers will let you see the first 10% of the book as a free sample.

To read an e-book it is not necessary to have a specialised e-reader, although these have benefits. E-reader apps for various e-book formats may be downloaded free from many websites, and are available for various computers, tablets, phones etc.