Some music - John N MacNeill

This website is primarily for people involved with music-making. That is its excuse for not being flashy.
All of the music can be heard via demo audio files (computer-generated - not played by real musicians) that can be downloaded free.
For the jazz-orchestra pieces, parts may be available on request. For the rest of the music in this website, sheet music is available for display and for free download.


Somewhat Celtic song-tunes with words in Gaelic / English / both languages.

Hymns and the like, mostly in four-part harmony.

Simple trumpet pieces with piano accompaniment.

A choral love-song.

Pieces for jazz orchestra.

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You can send John your feedback about the music or the website by email. If that email link fails for you, then send your feedback to with email subject JNMacN Music.

Other stuff:

a guide to chord symbols - not geared to any particular instrument;

guitar scales in a general position on the fingerboard;

to read, a book for children;

to read, an adult novel;

for the eyes, the works of Richard Galpin (external site);

for the mouth, something sweet (external site);

a card game for two or more players;

milk consumption and breast cancer - some comments;

another version of the story of George Washington and the cherry tree;

about voting Conservative in the 2015 UK general election;

two untouched photographs.

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